One of the amazing features that Angular provides is the interceptors, but what does an Interceptor do, and can we implement multiple of them in our Angular project?

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What is Interceptor?

We can use Interceptors to intercept the incoming and outgoing HTTP requests and manipulate them using Angular HttpClient.

Programming is a teamwork job so we must assure that our codebase is clean and usable for everyone in the team with the team culture and the best practices so we want to prevent developers to commit unless we validate their code and that’s when Git Hooks come in handy.

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Forms are major parts of every Angular project and in this article, we want to implement a Reactive Angular form with a custom and dynamic validator.

Prepare an Angular project with Angular Material and Bootstrap using Angular CLI

First, we need to initialize an Angular project, and then add bootstrap and Angular Material to the project. …

In JavaScript, we have these three methods as a part of Array.prototype method, but what are the differences between them, and what do they exactly do? so let’s dive into them!

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1. So let’s begin with the filter() method:

The filter method applies on an array and then creates a new array and on the new array, it…

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